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    Chester, PA native Lakia “Kanei” Mitchell penchant for poetry
    spans three impressive decades. The gradual evolution from a
    grade-school passion to a career as a prolific writer and spoken
    word artist revealed a cache of deeply personal words, profound
    thoughts and creative ideas she now generously shares with the
    world. The poetess, who now calls Houston, Texas home
    composes edgy, urban and sometimes politically charged
    verses, which frame her myriad of experiences and relationships
    without confining her ingenuity. The award-winning metrist has
    emerged as one of the city’s leading poetry advocates. Inspired
    by legends such as Maya Angelou, the first African American
    female poet laureate in U.S. history, and New York Times best-
    selling author Terry McMillan, Kanei established a movement
    dedicated to bringing poetry to the forefront of entertainment.
    Kanei says of the opportunity: “When there was Def Poetry Jam,
    people who didn’t go to poetry shows normally were watching
    and loving the show. There are way too many “starving” poets;
    it’s about time we eat!” Kanei’s liberating approach to self-
    expression is a refreshing passage into Sol-Poetry, a territory
    rich in talent and ripe for growth. Sol’s initial foray into the
    poetry and spoken word industry garnered overwhelming
    support. It was only a matter of time before its executives
    conceived a plan to add its powerful voice to Houston’s under-
    represented spoken word industry.

Sol’s President, Carlos Wallace, is confident Kanei is suited for the job. “She possesses a passion and
unique understanding of poetry that makes her a cut above the rest. She is the personification of rhyme
and reason and I believe she will do for Sol-Poetry what its parent company has done for comedy: shine a
light on poetry and spoken word artists and provide a credible forum where they can display their abilities”.

For more information about the Sol-Poetry division and performance opportunities, please contact Kanei at