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Extensive debt?  Bad credit? Little or no savings? Questions about gentrification? Home in need of repair? Or just in
need of a new home? These are major issues many people across the country are struggling with.
Meantime, finding credible, trustworthy professionals who can help answer these questions is not always easy. That
is, until now.  Welcome to Sol-Financial. Your future is our number one priority.

Sol-Financial empowers everyone in search of the American Dream. Our services are designed to ease concerns
associated with navigating the daunting real-estate market by arming you with critical information about the industry.
Whether you are searching for the perfect rental property, selling an existing property or purchasing a new home,
SFIF’s services have you covered. We provide the valuable resources you expect from seasoned, highly trained, well
informed relators who will guide you every step of the way through one of the most important and expensive
investments of your life.

Sol-Financial employs the industry’s top real-estate professionals and insiders who work with you, the client, in mind.
It’s not about commission, it’s not about competition. It’s about educating our community about the pros and cons of
purchasing a home. It’s about finding the right mortgage broker and explaining why your credit score is important. It’s
about explaining why sometimes the home you want is not necessarily the best value. It’s about identifying the best
school districts. Honesty and integrity are our most valued principles. Sol-Financial agents cater to every client’s
personal objectives. We teach aspiring homeowners:

    •        How to increase their purchasing power
    •        The important questions to ask a home seller
    •        How to calculate what you can afford to purchase
    •        The truth behind the burgeoning trend of gentrification
    •        How to find a home that fits their budget without compromising their needs
    •        How to acquire a mortgage and negotiate a loan
    •        How to check your credit
    •        What companies you can trust to conduct your home inspection
    •        Where to purchase homeowners insurance
    •        Why some neighborhoods are worth exploring while others should be avoided

At a time when consumers have more questions than answers about their financial future, we are confident we can
offer solutions that, if applied prudently, can lead you to your dream home without breaking the bank!

This is a difficult time for many American families. Despite the great strides our economy has made in the past 3
years, each day we encounter someone who has not yet recovered from the precipitous economic downturn that left
our country crippled by a fiscal crisis unlike any we have seen in generations.  With the future of so many hanging in
the balance Sol-Financial is dedicated to ensuring that the needs of the consumer comes first.

We are here for you.   

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