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Sol-Caritas redefines men•o•pause /ˈmen-all-pause/

Noun: Cutting-edge comedy show; collaboration of women with incomparable talent; an ensemble
characterized by hot flashes of comic brilliance; the period in a woman’s life where her comedic talent
peaks; comedy experience that’s a change of life; the latest installment from Sol-Caritas making a difference
with comedy one event at a time.

Used in a sentence: “What the comedy industry needs is a severe case of Men-All-Pause”

Empowerment. Unity. Discipline. Dedication. These are typically not terms one would associate with
comedy.  Separately, the words are mere adjectives. Hollow depictions largely void of humor or transforms
arbitrary designations into a unique paradigm. Together, these expressions form the foundation upon which
Sol-Caritas’ unconventional “Men All Pause” enterprise was built. Inject a generous share of humor, girl-
power, talent and camaraderie courtesy of the comedy industry’s most brilliant female comics and “Men All
Pause” is pure, estrogen-laced, hysterical artistry in motion.

“Men All Pause” shows are breaking all the rules. The producers and performers are dismantling all the
myths and misconceptions about female ensembles and re-building the image to reflect the value and
relevance these collaborations represent. It’s about stirring the senses and raising awareness about this
misunderstood concept. The all-female line-up rouses interest. The side-splitting talent and rapid fire display
of raw hilarity confirms that ultimately it’s about the comedy not the cast. Girl power is what they bring not
who they are. Femininity is the essence that enhances not defines what “Men All Pause” stands for.

“Men All Pause” was developed to showcase top comedic females that are often overlooked. Each show
features the funniest, most talked about dynamic female comics.  A professional event of this caliber can
only mean one thing: audience members can dispel everything they think they know about comedy. These
ladies will set an exceptional standard few will reach and all will emulate. With talent seen on HBO Def
Comedy Jam, Comedy Central, BET’s ComicView, VH1, The Monique Show, this will undoubtedly be the
comedy platform that revolutionizes the industry. “Men All Pause” launched in New York at the famed
Broadway Comedy Club. It generated such high acclaim, shows at the Houston and Arlington Improvs were
booked within days of the debut performance, with several more dates and venues on the also on the
calendar. We are proud to bring you such a groundbreaking event, and look forward to seeing you as we
embark on another 5-Star mission to bring you creative, high caliber comedy.  

To arrange an interview with any artist of “Men All Pause” or for more information please contact us at
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