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    Sol-Caritas, the company synonymous with blockbuster comedy shows and
    dedication to charitable giving, is taking on its greatest challenge ever.

    In an effort to reinforce the importance of family values, we've developed an
    extraordinary program that will completely change the way you look at traditional
    stand up comedy.

    Sol-Caritas proudly presents LACE (Laughter All Can Enjoy): an exclusive, family
    friendly clean comedy experience and the latest jewel in our crown.

    Sol has assembled the most diverse group of critically acclaimed professionals in
    the industry, with a unique skill that distinguishes them from their formidable
    counterparts; they have an unequivocal knack for performing clean comedy
    without watered down humor.

    This wealth of tremendous talent includes artists from Texas, New York, Los
    Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago; all dedicated to putting on uproariously funny
    shows without a hint of profanity.

Comedy is far-reaching and that makes great stand-up very powerful. A skilled performer can identify with
any audience and connect immediately with well thought out material and compelling delivery. Whether
you're tastes are urban, conservative, political, satirical, edgy, or just plain over-the-top, there is a comic
who suits your preference.

For church communities and families who love comedy that's enjoyable and appropriate for moms, dads,
grandparents and yes, even children, we've created that niche in the Sol-Caritas camp. No other
entertainment company has a team of comics, venues, media liaisons and support staff, dedicated solely to
the production and promotion of clean comedy events. This speaks clearly to the overwhelming demand for
the category. The concept has limitless potential, and we are determined to be the paradigm.

There's constant evolution in every aspect of entertainment. Whether its music, television, movies, theater,
and yes even stand-up comedy, we are bombarded with a dizzying array of genres, personalities, concepts,
technological advancements, gimmicks and artistic expression. Some of it is awe inspiring. A lot of it
mundane and cliche.

There have not been many options, especially in comedy, that offer enjoyment suitable for everyone in your
household. Until now.

This is an exciting time! LACE passionately embraces everything I envisioned when I established Sol-
Caritas; family, community, and of course entertainment. I'm very fortunate to have a high-minded team that
shares the same vision. Sol-Caritas and the famed Improv network of comedy clubs are humbled to learn,
this original concept has inspired imitation! We consider this the highest form of flattery and it confirms our
exclusive "Back Pew Comedy" tour has already become a platinum standard.

To arrange an interview with any artist of “The Back Pew of Comedy” or for more information please contact
us at
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