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    For world-renowned fitness expert Felicia Sexton, the ideal health
    regimen is about strengthening the mind, body and spirit. Fortunately,
    for many women struggling to reconcile the three, this highly trained
    workout professional is adept at integrating these components into a
    specialized fitness trifecta and generously shares that gift with all body
    Felicia Sexton, owner of The Women’s Health & Fitness Center  is no
    stranger to the insecurity that stems from being overweight and in
    declining health. After losing her mother (a registered nurse) to Lupus,
    Sexton took a long, reflective look at her life and decided that neither
    age nor surrendering to the perils of an idle body would keep her from
    maximizing her health and wellness. Today the award winning body
    builder and certified nutrition expert is a leader in the art of
    transforming women’s bodies and educating her clients about the
    benefits of developing their mental and spiritual capabilities.  

The total health guru and competitive bodybuilder and power-lifter
prides herself on being much more than a chiseled body. By
incorporating a vested interest in the happiness and well-being of
others, Sexton has earned a reputation for promoting the power of
pink with a purpose and heralded as a champion for women’s fitness.
Phat Body represents her philosophy about catering to the needs of
women which means nothing but the best will do for Sexton’s valued
clientele. The state-of-the-art facility is outfitted with premium fitness
equipment, personalized attention and customized programming.
From treadmills and ellipticals to free-weights and an Olympic lifting
platform and a cable crossover Sexton’s gym provides everything
her satisfied clients need to reach their maximum potential in the
shortest amount of time. This makes Phat Body Gym & Sports
Training the number one fitness destination in Houston Texas.

In an effort to diversify her growing business Sexton collaborated
with entertainment management company and production powerhouse
Sol-Caritas to form Sol Fitness, a division tailor made to enhance the
cultivation of the mind and spirit by offering clients exclusive access
to Houston’s top-rated comedy and poetry shows. The partnership
gives new meaning to the phrase “laughter is the best medicine”.

Some have said hiring Sexton to sculpt your lifestyle is akin to Picasso painting a portrait. Just as every stroke led to
a work of art, every Sexton-inspired workout helps creates a total personal fitness masterpiece.  Sexton invites you to
set your sights on being the best you, you can become by focusing on becoming the picture of health.

For more information please email or call Felicia at 832-752-5805.
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