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“5 Thumbs up”; K.Wilson – HASoC
“A Very Enjoyable Evening” – J.Characters – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Absolutely Wonderful” – H.Robinson – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Achievement!  God Bless”; F.Wimberly – Billy Sorrells – Dirty, Sexy, Funny – Arlington Improv
“All Good – Loved Kiana Dancie so much”; F.Bediako- HASoC
“Always a Good Show”; D.Black- HASoC
“Always a Pleasure, High Quality Entertainment” – T.Price – Celebration of a King
“Always giving a good show”; D.Black – HASoC
“Always love coming to the Sol-Caritas shows – having such a good time”; M.Morales – HASoC
“Always very funny”; A.Thompson – HASoC
“Always, Always Awesome” L.Mitchell – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Amazing – Loved it” – A.Nwagbo – Celebration of a King
“Amazing”; C.Wesley – HASoC
“Amazing”; T.Harris – Thy Kingdom Come
“Awesome – 100%”; T.McAlister – HASoC
“Awesome – All The Way Around” – C.Williams – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Awesome – Very Funny”; R.Benson – HASoC
“Awesome Comedians – Great Show”; A.Salinas – HASoC
“Awesome environment”; D.McCutchen – HASoC
“Awesome Event” – C.Bayliss – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Awesome Host & Comics”; O.Diaz – HASoC
“Awesome Job by Carlos Wallace & the Sol-Caritas Crew”; S.Davis – HASoC
“Awesome Show, Loved Chocolate Lava, Liz, Nikki Da Kidd” – Shanie  – Celebration of a King
“Awesome Show, No complaints, loved the acts a lot – keep up the good work.” – I.Campbell – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Awesome Show”; I.Santiago – HASoC
“Awesome Show”; N.Batiste – HASoC
“AWESOME!”; T.Cook – HASoC
“Awesome” – C.Brandon – Celebration of a King
“Awesome”; K.Austin – HASoC
“Awesome”; M.Waiters – HASoC
“AWESOME”; R.Martin – HASoC
“Bad Ass Show”; Bubba – The MAY-H.A.M.
“Beautiful, Perfect, God Bless You All by His Spirit” – A.Perriri – Celebration of a King
“Best Show Ever”; L.Kegler – HASoC
“Billy is a bright & talented young man.  The sky is the limit”; L.Glasper – Billy Sorrells –Love Them or Leave Them
“Brandy was the Best”; C.Williams – HASoC
“Brandy, Brandy, Brandy”; B.Williams – HASoC
“Breathe, Carlos”; C.Ware – HASoC
“Bring Archie Blaxx back!  He is AWESOME!!!”; P.Caston – HASoC
“Came out to support Jerry Carrillo – GREAT SHOW”; Y.Panteleon- HASoC
“Can’t Wait til Poetry – Da Truth” – M.Richardson – HASoC
“Carlos, I have watched you from day one, build and motivate the team and the business you have today, and I say to you with the greatest amount of admiration and
respect, "Job well done".... I love what you and the team does, and will always be a friend and supporter for as long as there is a Carlos Wallace and his many
foundations, and shows, you have brought me nothing but best of what you have to offer, and as always you have made me feel as important and appreciated as you
could possibly do, you are my MVP in life my brother, and I know your Mother is proud and is looking down on you and smiling from ear to ear, knowing what a great
Man and Son she raised... God bless you and the Sol-Caritas team, thank you so much!”; C.Anthony – HASoC
“Carolyn was so great, Ku was on point, I LMAO”; F.Johnson – HASoC
“Classy, Comfortable & Comical”; C. Atkins – HASoC
“Comedians were AWESOME!!!  The bomb host!”; P.Williams – HASoC
“Comedy show was great”; G.Glover – HASoC
“Comfortable & Entertained”; S. San – HASoC
“Comics are too Funny”; C.Shelly – HASoC
“Cool Show”; J.Smith – HASoC
“Could not breathe from laughing so much, Had a wonderful time, thank you all!”; R. Serra - MAPNYC
“Could you have a poetic night of clean poetry (no cursing) It’s a challenge, but the greats can do it”; S.Sanders – The MAY-H.A.M.
“Cris Sosa Killed It!1  H-Town All-Stars…. I’m there every year”; C.Surles – HASoC
“D’Lai was Funny”; E.Broden – HASoC
“Each Comedian was wonderful & informative”; N. Abney – HASoC
“Enjoyed it a lot”; K.Willis – HASoC
“Enjoyed It, Can’t wait to the one in June to celebrate my birthday”; R. Lexington – HASoC
“Enjoyed the event.  Those Youths were awesome” – D.Sampou – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Enjoyed the Event” – L.Myles- HASoC
“Enjoyed the show so much”; S.Aranza – HASoC
“Enjoyed the show tremendously, will be back next month”; L.White – HASoC
“Enjoyed the show” B.Berry – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Enjoyed the show”; C.Smith – HASoC
“Enjoyed the show”; S.Moore – HASoC
“Enjoyed the show….”; R.Lexington
“Enjoyed the whole show tonight”; J. Harper – HASoC
“Entertainment was amazing”; D.Moss – HASoC
“Every Event is Always Great” – E.Stewart – Celebration of a King
“Everything is Excellent”; F.Williams – HASoC
“Everything was excellent”; T.Hanchett – HASoC
“Everything was great.”; R.Boyette – HASoC
“Everything was Great” – H.Watts – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Excellent Concept!!!  Excellent Comediennes!!!  Men All Pause Kicked Off Great In NYC!!!”; E. Johnson – MAPNYC
“Excellent Event”; A.Funches – The MAY-H.A.M.
“Excellent Poets!  I would attend all Future Events” – J.Wilson – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Excellent Show – Couldn’t stop laughting.  We really enjoyed ourselves”; J.Mobley – DFWSS
“Excellent show ~ Loved It!”; A.Rojas– HASoC
“Excellent Show.  Will be back for every show” – S.Rose – Celebration of a King
“Excellent show; Please bring more Latino shows”; A.Ayala – HASoC
“Excellent Show”; N.Batiste – HASoC
“Excellent Talent” – K.Orr – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Excellent”; N.Randle – HASoC
“Excellent”; R &T Adams – HASoC
“Extremely funny”; R.Edwards – DFWSS
“Fabulous Time”; Q.Forest – HASoC
“Fantastic evening, you ladies were really awesome. Thanks for the fab night!”; T. Wang – MAPNYC
“Fantastic”; S.Coles – HASoC
“Filter the talent, The host was very funny” – A.Yumn – Celebration of a King
“First Poetry Show and It was WONDERFUL” – L.Jamerson – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“First time at the show, a lot of Fun – Really enjoyed the host”; F.Harris – HASoC
“First time attending – Amazing Poetics, Loved it, would attend again”; M.Carr – Thy Kingdom Come
“From LA and Loved the experience in Houston”; N.Woods – HASoC
“Fun place ~ good music”; L.Pecot – Billy Sorrells –Love Them or Leave Them
“Funny as Hell”; N.Harris – HASoC
“Funny Show – will attend again” – S.Eppilito – HASoC
“Funny Show”; S. Eppolito – HASoC
“Funny, Funny, Funny” – C.Young – HASoC
“Funny, Funny, Funny”; A.Nichols – HASoC
“Go Jerry Carrillo”;C.Garza – HASoC
“Good Show”; B.Bull – HASoC
“Good Show”; C.H. – HASoC
“Good Show”; F.Fe – Thy Kingdom Come
“Good Show”; K. Ayala – HASoC
“Good Show”; L.Mayes – HASoC
“Good Time – Funny” – M.Ballard – HASoC
“Good Time” – BrianB – HASoC
“Great Atmosphere, Great Venue” – N.Drain – Celebration of a King
“Great Atmosphere, Kool Comedians”; N.Gray – HASoC
“Great Closing”; J.D. – Billy Sorrells – Dirty, Sexy, Funny – Arlington Improv
“Great Comedians”; M.Williams – HASoC
“Great Comics & Good Service”; Nicole – HASoC
“Great Energy, Great Show, We enjoyed ourselves”; K.Wilson – HASoC
“Great energy, well done, fantastic promoting & marketing; Thumbs up for starting on time”; T. Johnson – HASoC
“Great Energy”; O.Salinas – HASoC
“Great Entertainment”; T. Johnson - – HASoC
“Great Event – I really enjoyed it” – L.Washington – Celebration of a King
“Great Experience, Will def come back”; D.Cedra - HASoC
“Great Experience”; G.Brice – HASoC
“Great Host, Incredible Poet”; E.Young – The MAY-H.A.M.
“Great Job – Keep It Up” – E.Ingram – HASoC
“Great job and superior entertainment.”; D.Curtis – HASoC
“Great Job, Enjoyed It”; K.Kelsie – HASoC
“Great new talent”; M.Duran – HASoC
“Great outing with Friends”; K.Miller – HASoC
“Great Poets – Great Host”; N.Kidd – Thy Kingdom Come
“Great Set-Up & Good Times” – M.Fite – HASoC
“Great Show – Keep’em Coming”; C.Luckey – The MAY-H.A.M.
“Great show ~ as usual”; S.McCraw – Billy Sorrells –Love Them or Leave Them
“Great Show can’t wait until the next show too bring some new people” – A. Costa – Celebration of a King
“Great Show Tonight”; D.Groves – HASoC
“Great Show!  Big thanks for Jerry Carrillo”; R.Sanchez Jr – HASoC
“Great Show!!  Laptops of Houston!! We Love You” – C.Anthony – HASoC
“Great Show, Funny Comedians” – T.Chase – HASoC
“Great Show, I Enjoyed Myself”; T.Thomas- HASoC
“Great Show, Love It, Really Fun”; C.Beaman – HASoC
“Great show, loved Archie Blaxx”; M.Straham – Billy Sorrells –Love Them or Leave Them
“Great show, we had a great time”; W.Thorn – HASoC
“Great show; loved Jerry Carrillo”; E.Rios – HASoC
“Great Show” – B.Caldwell – HASoC
“Great Show” – C.Hill – HASoC
“Great Show” – M.Webster – HOB RR
“Great Show” – S.Hamilton – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Great Show”; C.Russell – HASoC
“Great Show”; D.Byrd – HASoC
“Great Show”; D.Robertson – The MAY-H.A.M.
“Great show”; G.Savannah – HASoC
“Great Show”; K.Cruz – HASoC
“GREAT SHOW”; K.Johnson – HASoC
“Great Show”; K.King– Billy Sorrells – Dirty, Sexy, Funny – Arlington Improv
“Great Show”; L.Whitson – HASoC
“Great Show”; L.Willis – HASoC
“Great Show”; M.Sebe - HASoC
“Great Show”; R.Whitley – HASoC
“Great Show”; T.Powell – DFWSS
“Great Show”; Y.Clark – HASoC
“Great Show…. Love Nikki”; J.Graves – HASoC
“Great show…keep up the great work”; M.Brown – HASoC
“Great Showcase – BANANAS” – T.Ware – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Great Talent” – K.Alvarez – Celebration of a King
“Great Time”; A.Darden – Thy Kingdom Come
“Great Time”; J.Lopez – HASoC
“Great way to support, encourage & inspire today’s youth” – J.McNair – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Great!  Keep it coming”; K.Stephens – Billy Sorrells –Love Them or Leave Them
“Great”; J.Rios – HASoC
“Great”; T.Short – HASoC
“Had a great night!  Couldn’t stop laughing!”; L.Lopez – HASoC
“Had a great time!  Thanks for a great night”; H.Harrison – Thy Kingdom Come
“Had a great time! Wish there had been some religious music played for the occasion”; M.Bailey – Thy Kingdom Come
“Had a great time!  Terry Gross is amazing!!”; T.Thomas  - HASoC
“Had a great time!!”; Y.White – HASoC
“Had a Great Time, out 1st time out – Thanks for the laughs”; J.Farley – HASoC
“Had a Great time” – N.Radford – HASoC
“Had a Great Time” – T.Charles – Celebration of a King
“Had a great time”; D.Braden – HASoC
“Had a Great Time”; R.Kennedy – HASoC
“Had a wonderful time celebrating 40th B-day!!”; S.Keys – HASoC
“Had a Wonderful Time” – M.Cushenberry – Celebration of a King
“Had a wonderful time”; T.Houston – HASoC
“Had lots of fun and good laughs thanks to Comedian Carrillo.  Would love to come back”; G.Moguel – HASoC
“Has a GREAT time”; T.Johnson – HASoC
“Having a blast – Thank You”; D.Griffin – HASoC
“Having a Blast”; A.Tisdale – Thy Kingdom Come
“Having a Blast”’; A.Wallace – HASoC
“Having Fun!”; L.Hudson – HASoC
“Headliner was Great, Ben Jackson was funny, I loved the female comedian”; M.Lewis – HASoC
“Headliner was Great, Excellent, Awesome, Non-Stop Laughter.  The Wheelchair scene was Great,  I loved Ben Jackson, too!”; B.Lewis – HASoC
“Here to support the local comedians – GREAT SHOW”; J.Reyo- HASoC
“Host was amazing, Great Job”; M.Cantu – HASoC
“Host was fucking Hilarious, Great Poets, Great All-Around Show” – D.Isaac – Celebration of a King
“I come to support Terry Gross”; Y.Francis-Finley – HASoC
“I drove all the way from Kansas for this event, I’ll come back every month”; N.Redrick – The MAY-H.A.M.
“I drove down from Newark and it was well worth the drive.  GIRL POWER is unstoppable.  Keep the laughs coming ladies.”; S. Jones – MAPNYC
“I enjoyed all the comedians and the MC was GREAT!”; R.Jackson – HASoC
“I enjoyed all the comics”; A.Valentine – HASoC
“I enjoyed every minute of Billy.  Looking forward to the next show”; A.Tarver – Billy Sorrells –Love Them or Leave Them
“I enjoyed it”; A.Prion – HASoC
“I enjoyed myself, Great Show”; S.Wallace – HASoC
“I enjoyed myself.  The comics were extremely funny”; K.Edwards – DFWSS
“I enjoyed myself” B.Berry – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“I found it to be very enjoyable.  What a wonderful way to praise God!”; S.Street – Thy Kingdom Come
“I friggin love you all.  I am blessed to have been apart of such a phenomenal production”; B.Collins
“I Had a Great time – Nikki Da Kidd was Great” – B.Ferguson – Celebration of a King
“I had a lot of FUN.  I even think my baby had fun” – D.Walcott – Celebration of a King
“I had a Wonderful Time”; M.Jones – HASoC
“I had an extremely awesome time” – Y.Omagbomi – Celebration of a King
“I have a great time every time”; I.Chargois – HASoC
“I heard it was an all female shows so I wanted to check it out.  Needless to say after the 1st lady I totally forgot about that.  Funny would be an understatement.  I hope
this inspires other clubs, promoters and producers to bring more ladies to the stage.  Great job ladies from a fellow comic”; D. Brown – MAPNYC
“I laughed too much!!! ltm...lmao...I'm never gonna learn takes soooooo”; G. McDowell – MAPNYC
“I like all the powerful poetry, very talented individuals.  Kanei is very good” – C.Woodard – Celebration of a King
“I Like that there were new comics but they need to work on their jokes”; D.Lovings – HASoC
“I like the short guy with the Wheelchair Girlfriend” – I.Smith – HOB RR
“I love Billy Sorrells”; S.Nichelle – Billy Sorrells – Love Them or Leave Them
“I love coming here to support my friend – Ken Boyd.  Love the shows”; L.Sigers – HASoC
“I love how Y’all do thangs. I feel rejuvenated & refreshed every time I hear that narrative and participate in your event” – V.Gallegos – HASoC
“I Love it!”; L.Greenwood – HASoC
“I love Poetry or Die!  I will support POD until the end of time.  POD Apparel is Awesome!”; A.Watts – The MAY-H.A.M.
“I Love Sol-Caritas”; F.Wheaton – HASoC
“I Love the show”; K.Williamson – HASoC
“I Loved It!”; M.Davis – DFWSS
“I loved it, especially the teens” – L.Byrd – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“I loved it, My husband & I will be back again.  Good Job to All” – L.Mayfield – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“I loved it.  I didn’t know that kids were doing this excellent” – S.Robertson – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“I loved it”; A.Al-Gaheem – Thy Kingdom Come
“I loved it”; J.Tutson – Thy Kingdom Come
“I loved Juan Villarreal”; T.Snider – HASoC
“I loved the event and will be attending many more”; P.Jones – The MAY-H.A.M.
“I Loved The Host & The Poets”; R.Bratcher – The MAY-H.A.M.
“I loved the religious theme today & I really liked that I won a laptop last time”; A.Walcott – Thy Kingdom Come
“I loved the show.  Laughter is the best gift and it keeps you young.  Thanks for the laughs.”; J. Akinwunmi – MAPNYC
“I never been to nothing like this, awesome, will be coming back” – M.Givens – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“I really enjoyed all of this and would love to attend it anytime it comes again” T.Austin – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“I really enjoyed Marcus Lee” – D – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“I really enjoyed myself - comedy, food and drinks were all perfect!  Thanks for kicking off the Men All Pause in NYC Sol-Caritas.  We love the MOVEMENT”; S.
Bohanan – MAPNYC
“I really enjoyed myself, I will come again” – K.Hoyle – HASoC
“I really enjoyed myself, would love to come back”; K.Price – Thy Kingdom Come
“I Really Enjoyed Myself”; J.Ajagha – The MAY-H.A.M.
“I really enjoyed the event and would love to attend another” E.Stewart – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“I really enjoyed the show, new atmosphere and great stage presence”; A.Whils – HASoC
“I really loved the show”; R.Williams – HASoC
“I Really, Really, Enjoyed Myself, I Definitely Will Be Back” – T.King – Celebration of a King”
“I think it’s great… Love these shows” – N. Hardin – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“I think its really great to give students the opportunity to fulfill their destiny” – E.Criswell – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“I think the event was very entertaining, Very Funny Comics, Will most definitely come again and any other events hosted!”; K.Barnes – HASoC
“I thought the atmosphere was grown & sexy.  Funny, Funny, Funny as Hell”; R.Hendry - HASoC
“I truly enjoyed myself and atmosphere”; K.Crockett – HASoC
“I will be back soon”; K.Page – HASoC
“Intensely, Encapsulating, Soul Freeing” – A.Grant – Celebration of a King
“Interested in More Shows” – T.Harrison – HASoC
“Interesting & Thumbs up to all Poets” – B.Ganga – Celebration of a King
“It truly lifted by spirts”; K.English – HASoC
“It was a great show” – K.Polk – HASoC
“It was a Great Show” – M.Corsia – HASoC
“It was amazing, we will definitely be back”; V. Allen – HASoC
“It was Amazing”; B.Ardorn – The MAY-H.A.M.
“It was funny and good.  The Host was Amazing”; J.Harrell – HASoC
“It was funny”; L.Jackson – HASoC
“It was great seeing Eddie B & Blame, and I really liked Jennifer, she was great”; C.Lister – HASoC
“It was great to hear Poets & Youths express themselves” – Y.Bobb – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“It was great, I enjoyed myself” – S.Davis – HASoC
“It was great, very moving – Much Love”; Y.Boyd – Thy Kingdom Come
“It was LIVE” – G.Ismael – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“It was the bomb”; A.Bertrand – HASoC
“It was very entertaining, had a blast.  Will surely come again”; T.Bradshaw – HASoC
“It was very funny & interesting”; C. Justice – HASoC
“It’s a gorgeous place and great environment.  I enjoyed the show”; Q. Harris – HASoC
“Joe P is an amazing host, His Talent is working with the kids” – K.Flowers – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Keep claiming what God has for you & blessing others Los.  Xoxo”;  F.Wheaton – HASoC
“Keep doing what you are going – Always guaranteed FUN”; K. Jackson – HASoC
“Keep doing what you do.  Amazing as always.”; S.Sorrells – HASoC
“Keep it coming, You guys are great” – E.Ingram – HASoC
“Keep it moving!  Billy, Bless You!”; L.Burns – Billy Sorrells –Love Them or Leave Them
“Keep it up!  Love it!”; K.Stephens – HASoC
“Keep Nikka Da Kidd as your host.  She is super funny and its natural. Love Love Love” – C.LaMark – Celebration of a King
“Keep Pushing - #FORWARD” – D.Black – HASoC
“Keep Striving for Excellence, Keep us laughing”; D.Black – HASoC
“Keep up the good & funny shows”; R – HASoC
“Keep up the good word, Continue striving high, God has y’alls back”; J.Hall – HASoC
“Keep up the good work”; L. Polk - – HASoC
“Keep up the Good Work”; R.Lewis – The MAY-H.A.M.
“Keep up the great work”; C.Thompson- HASoC
“Keep up the great work”; R.Hickman – HASoC
“Keep up the great work”; S. Allen – HASoC
“Ken is an excellent performer, I Love Him!”; C.Warren – HASoC
“Kiana killed it like Kotten Kandy”; T.Ramish- HASoC
“Kiana was smoking and the show was GREAT”; J.Mack – HASoC
“Ladies RULE!!!!!”; C. Blackwell – MAPNYC
“LOL….ROF….LMAO”; D.Tharp – HASoC
“Looking forward to coming back” – S.Radford – HASoC
“Love Everyone – Good Job”; N.Waller – The MAY-H.A.M.
“Love It!  I’ll be at the next show too” – M.Bailey – Celebration of a King
“Love It, Insightful, Funny Awesome Show” – P.Fulton – Celebration of a King
“Love It”; V.Johnson- HASoC
“Love It…. Join the Movement”; S.Stultz – HASoC
“Love Sol-Caritas, been supporting them the last five years”; J.Hayter – HASoC
“Love Terry”; L.Francis - HASoC
“Nice”; T.Palmer – HASoC
“Love the Movement”;T.Palmer – HASoC
“Love you guys & Awesome Drive”; J.Watson – The MAY-H.A.M.
“Loved Archie Blaxx”; M.Jones – Billy Sorrells –Love Them or Leave Them
“Loved being here”; D.Ross – HASoC
“Loved Everything, Nikki was Great!  We Love you Scott Free”; I.Austin – The MAY-H.A.M.
“Loved it and I will come back!”; D.Garcia – HASoC
“Loved it as Usual”; S.West – HASoC
“Loved it!”; D.Graham – HASoC
“Loved It!”; W.McCray– Billy Sorrells – Dirty, Sexy, Funny – Arlington Improv
“Loved It” – S.Clemons – HOB RR
“Loved it” – S.Cock- HASoC
“Loved It”; Biscuit – The MAY-H.A.M.
“Loved It”; C.Hershey – HASoC
“Loved it”; J. Everett – HASoC
“Loved It… Will Never Miss 1”; T.Hawkins – HASoC
“Loved the host Terry Gross; It was fun.  Great comic, I'm coming back :)”; T.Young – HASoC
“Loved the host....Terry Gross & Trev Houston - AMAZING!  Loved them!”; K.Vopat – HASoC        
“Loved the Host”; B.Jackson – HASoC
“Loved the set-up and the entertainment”; L. Sigers – HASoC
“Loved the show!”; M.Batiste – HASoC
“Loved the Show, Great Show, Loved Everything”; R.Russell – HASoC
“Loved the shows”; M.Hickman – HASoC
“Mindblowing – Powerful – Inspiring” – C.Howard – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Mr. Carlos Wallace is an awesome guy.  Love the Sol-Cares Monthly Donations”; C. Davis – HASoC
“My Dude Carlos doing it BIG”; P.Haynes – HASoC
“My sincere thanks to Mr. Wallace for a truly enjoyable evening, you more than exceeded my expectations on all levels.  You have a loyal customer in me”; R.
Etherdige – HASoC
“Never disappointed no matter how many times I come” – S.Fontenot – HASoC
“Nice atmosphere”; S.Guzman – Billy Sorrells –Love Them or Leave Them
“Nice set up and venue, I will return.”; A.Smith – HASoC
“Nikki Da Kidd is the BOMB”; C.Sharp – The MAY-H.A.M.
“Nikki Da Kidd was Awesome & the Crew she was with”; T.Williams
“Nikki the kid is awesome”; M.Hayes – HASoC
“Nikki was great”; S.Hayes – HASoC
“OMG! What a Great Time I had”; S.Matchett - HASoC
“Our very 1st time, needed to laugh – You Did That”; E. Beau – HASoC
“Pleasant experience”; S. Smith – HASoC
“POD – LOH – SOLCARITAS” – G.Sellars – HASoC
“Really enjoyed myself”;S.Thomas – HASoC
“Really enjoyed the event tonight, it was really funny as always”; D.Traylor – HASoC
“Really enjoyed the show,  Will not be my last”; L.Lewis – HASoC
“Really Enjoyed.  I feel I am a comedian myself, giving me motivation” – D.Sadiki – HOB RR
“Really Fun” – K.Garabo – HASoC
“Really Funny”; T.Ham; – HASoC
“Scott-Free!!!”; Daedra – The MAY-H.A.M.
“Show was GREAT”; S.Tiara- HASoC
“Show was very good – better than I expected.  Comedians were great”; T. Taylor – HASoC
“So Entertaining, Niki is sooo Funny.  Love Love Love Poets” – I.Pyatt – Celebration of a King
“So Hilarious” – D.Young – HASoC
“So much fun, real live”; M.Salazar – Billy Sorrells –Love Them or Leave Them  
“Sol-Caritas New York redefined men•o•pause /men-all-pause / Noun: Cutting-edge comedy show; collaboration of women with incomparable talent; an ensemble
characterized by hot flashes of comic brilliance; the period in a woman’s life where her comedic talent peaks; comedy experience that’s a change of life; the comedy
event of 2012, only at Broadway Comedy Club.  Used in a sentence: “What the comedy industry needs is a severe case of Men-All-Pause”; SOL-CEO – MAPNYC
“Talented Individuals” M.Jerrels – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Terry & Carlos are the Best”; C.Groves – HASoC
“Terry & Carlos are the best”; C.Groves – HASoC
“Terry Gross is Hilarious”; T.Thomas – HASoC
“Terry Gross’mann should be on TV – and have his own show”; C.Metcalf – HASoC
“Terry is the best”; M.Baecher – HASoC
“Thank you for the Laughs”; Sarah’s House – HASoC
“Thank You, I’m Honored & Thankful to be a part of tonight’s show” – V.Gallegos – Celebration of a King
“Thanks for a better experience this go around. Can’t wait to come back”; A.Hightower – HASoC
“Thanks for reading my message & I certainly do not expect a reply. I wanted to simply say how much I was inspired by the captivating Cocoa Brown. My heart was
broken. Wide open. I had absolutely no intentions of staying at Tommy T's. But I did. It was JUST what I needed. A jolt of inspiration, a dose of affirmation and much
needed transformation.   I took about 20 seconds to share my heart with Ms. Brown. (not to sure if she remembered me...but she gave me a HUGE compliment,
referencing Donna Summer). Ms. Brown was a breath of fresh air. Tonight was MORE than just a Comedy Show, I felt recharged. Redeemed. I simply wanted to share
my heart and say thanks. Words cannot express my sincere gratitude”; F.Alpher – Cocoa Brown at Tommy T’
“Thanks for supporting 501 (c ) 3 Organizations”; J.Logan – HASoC
“Thanks so much, I live at Sarah’s House”; L.Williams – HASoC
“That Girl Nikki Da Kidd is a Fool!  LOVE LOVE LOVE her – Keep up the good work”; C.LaMark – The MAY-H.A.M.
“The boy is on FIRE!  ENCORE”; K.Onyedebelu – Billy Sorrells –Love Them or Leave Them
“The Comedians were awesome”; S.Bayonne – HASoC
“The comics were Great”; J.Chatman – HASoC
“The Entire Lineup was great!  Would love to see Kris Atkins again”; F.Lane – HASoC
“The Hospitality was on Point!  Loved the Entertainment.” – T.Charles – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“The Host was Amazing” – N.Roberts – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“The Music kept me Alive, I loved the environment” – A.Newton – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“The show was great.  I enjoyed every minute”; F.Vallair – Billy Sorrells –Love Them or Leave Them
“The Show was Great”;M.Thymes – HASoC
“The show was very professional & funny”; G. Fite - – HASoC
“The show was very, very funny!  I enjoyed it!”; N,Wallace – HASoC
“The show was wonderful.  Love Terry Gross, laughter is good for everything.  Thank you!!!”; Y.Frances – HASoC
“The variety of comedians was entertaining”; T. Thomas – HASoC
“They always put a great show together.  I will always attend an event everytime”; A.Ausberry – Thy Kingdom Come
“This has been one of the best shows.  Everyone was hilarious.  Keep them coming Sol-Caritas.”; S.Lewis – HASoC
“This is my monthly event” – A.Gardner – Celebration of a King
“This is very nice, keep up the good work”; L. Whitfield – HASoC
“This night was Amazing”; J. Kaskin – The MAY-H.A.M.
“This Sh*t is off the chain, Keep it up”; J.Graves – HASoC
“This show is off the chain”; J.Jimenez- HASoC
“This show is the BOMB every time”; M. Jones – HASoC
“This show was astonishing!  I cried when I felt others spoken word, from personal experience.  Thank You” – V.Gallegos – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“This show was dope” – R.Johnson – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“This shyt was the bomb”; C.Fields – HASoC
“This was a great show, Look to attend another event”; C.Hill – Thy Kingdom Come
“Very Enjoyable”; H.Young – HASoC
“Very Enjoyable”; J.Perkins – HASoC
“Very entertaining & keeps your attention”; S.Trimmer – HASoC
“Very funny & very big turnout; will come early next time”; L.Elder – HASoC
“Very Funny, Good Event for a Date” – R.Dupre – Celebration of a King
“Very Funny” – C.Lewis – HASoC
“Very Funny”; E.Urvina – HASoC
“Very Good Job!  Enjoyed Myself”; C.Darden – Thy Kingdom Come
“Very Good,  Very Entertaining Event.  Enjoyed” – S.Brown – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Very Intellectually Brilliant!  Loved It”; L.Green – The MAY-H.A.M.
“Very Nice Experience, I would definitely attend another one” – J.Medrano – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Very Nice Setup, Great Atmosphere, Will come again”; M.Darks – HASoC
“Very Respectful & Attentive”;M.Estell – HASoC
“We had a ball, the ladies brought down the house. Good food good people and great entertainment, need I say more”; B. Smalls – MAPNYC
“We had a Great Time” – J.Pierce – HOB RR
“We had a great time”; T.Jones – HASoC
“We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the comedians”; L. Owens – HASoC
“We Love Chocolate Lava”; E.Stewart – The MAY-H.A.M.
“We love Juan Villarreal”; C.Snider – HASoC
“We loved the show -- you Ladies ROCKED!! Can't remember the last time I laughed till I cried! And can't wait till the next time”; R. Stone – MAPNYC
“Wonderful to support the Youth!  This was a great show!!” – E.Prince – Heir to the Throne – Poetry
“Wonderful, Jennifer was Amazing”; J.Rollie – HASoC
“Your Great ~ Keep it up Billy”; M.Prince – Billy Sorrells –Love Them or Leave Them