Ken Boyd
    Ken Boyd is a young up and coming
    stand-up comedian based out of Houston
    TX. In January of 1985 Ken’s parents,
    Sharon Gradney and Kenneth Boyd, had
    unprotected sex to celebrate the New
    Year. Nine months later (September 15)
    was born. Ken was born and raised on
    the north side of Houston, TX in a small
    neighborhood called “Trinity Gardens.”
    At an early age he was fascinated with
    sports, specifically basketball. However,
    after realizing that he possessed
    absolutely no athletic ability whatsoever,
    he discovered he had a knack for
    entertaining. It wouldn't take him long to
    find himself on a stage performing in
front of a live audience. He was a regular in stage plays all through grade
school and church. Ironically he frequented the role of the comedy relief and
had no complaints about it. He naturally gained the title of class clown all
through his school years. It was at this early time in Ken’s life that he fell in
love with performing live and hearing a barrage of laughter coming from a
large crowd.

After establishing himself as “the funny guy” amongst his friends and family,
Ken began to question his comedic ability. He knew he held this particular title
with the people that already knew and loved him but could he with complete
strangers? It was then that he decided to put his abilities to the ultimate
challenge. In 2007 Ken signed up for his first open mic comedy night at
“Times Square” night club located on the south side of Houston, TX. Armed
with a five minute set, Ken was prepared for the unknown, or so he thought.
After suffering through the longest, most sobering, five minutes of his life the
humbled 21 year old decided to hang up his microphone. Convinced that
stand-up wasn’t for him, Ken would not touch the stage for 2 years. However,
it was the same love that he developed when he was younger that would
bring him back.

In 2009, Ken came roaring back onto the Houston comedy scene! Performing
on any stage he could find. 2 years older and wiser he had a new approach
and a new voice. Comedy clubs, night clubs, bars and lounges became his
homes away from home. The name “Ken Boyd” quickly spread around town.
Since then Ken was continued to hone his craft and has managed to cultivate
himself into one of the most prominent young comedians in the city of
Houston, TX. Ken Boyd is now a regular at the Houston Improv and has been a
finalist in the local stapled contest “Houston’s Funniest Person.” He has made
several appearances in the “Houston’s All Stars of Comedy” shows and has
shared the stage with the likes of Lil Duval, Gary Owen and Tony Rock to
name a few.
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