Liz Faublas

    Liz Faublas' life is a joke. Literally!

    From the moment she could speak, she's
    been determined to get people's
    attention, through humor.

    Born to strict Caribbean parents with a
    baffling no nonsense approach to life and
    zero tolerance, Liz battled through a
    sheltered life that threatened to
    extinguish her creativity and smother her
    passions. Rather than succumb, she used
    her sharp wit and innate sense of potent
    comedy to create a visceral escape. She
    broke free, and is now on everyone’s
    most wanted list!

Liz soon realized you can't take yourself, or people around you too seriously.
The revelation unearthed a treasure of emotion and experiences so painfully
real yet unbelievable in their absurdity the only thing she could do was tap
into her past and transform it into what’s become her unique brand of cathartic

Liz performs with unbridled energy and raw emotion. Every side splitting joke
is a personal look into the untamed heart of a comic hopelessly in love with
the laughter of others. She’s honed a talent for reaching across a stage and
taking her audience on an outrageous journey of well-spun stories punctuated
with humor. Her stand-up is your conscience revealed with raw, hilarious
reality; she hand delivers that release we’re all craving wrapped in genuine,
exhilarating entertainment.  

Whether she's performing at one of New York's top comedy clubs, or private
events and colleges throughout the state, one thing is undeniable; her knack
for comedy is surpassed only by how easily audiences relate to her honest,
gregarious style! It's as if she's lived every woman's bad relationship and mid-
life madness, and every mother's urge to return her teen to sender. Liz's
effortless ability to transform pain and mayhem into laughter draws people in;
the heaping serving of reality and hilarious revelations always keeps them
wanting more!

She's known as Fabuliz. She’s comedy, with connectivity. Find out why by
catching her in the act!
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