Lakia "Kanei" Mitchell

    Poetry is defined as the aesthetic and rhythmic
    qualities of language. In the realm of Spoken
    Word, artist Lakia Mitchell is poetic expression in
    its purest form: untamed, unmasked,
    uninterrupted and delivered with blistering reality.

    The Chester, Pennsylvania native also known as
    Kanei, submitted to poetry early in life. A gifted
    writer with a keen intellect and a bountiful source
    of personal experiences from which she draws
    inspiration, Kanei composes pieces that expose
    matters of the heart with incisive perspective and
    blunt truth. Her fiery spirit keeps her pieces raw,
    passionate and more importantly, therapeutic. It
    never takes her audiences long to discover this
    masterful wordsmith will lay her entire soul bare;
    authenticity she nails with surgical precision.
Shortly after making a name for herself in Houston’s vibrant underground poetry
scene, Kanei, a nurse by profession, juggled a career and motherhood travelling
across the country honing her craft, sometimes at great personal sacrifice. She
would write until her fingers cramped and her vision blurred; sometimes
performing twice a night after working grueling hospital shifts. The dedication and
effort paid off. She is now one of the most sought after performers in the U.S and a
fierce trailblazer who has set her sights on ensuring poetry is at the fore of the
entertainment industry and that women are recognized as a poetic force to be
reckoned with. She broke new ground in Houston, performing before sold out
audiences at the famed Houston Improv, a venue known primarily for stand-up
comedy. Until now. She remains loyal to her East Coast roots, gracing renowned
Philadelphia stages such as Zanzibar Blue, Warmdaddy’s and Penn’s Landing.

Kanei’s command of the complexities of measured verse and composition has
solidified her reputation as an exceptional Poetess. She has elevated Spoken Word
beyond random bursts of trivial, obscure declarations to present the art in a
relatable form. She does not engage meaningless streams of consciousness. Her
medical background allows her to explore the breadth and depth of the human
psyche and physicality in order to give her performances life. Kanei reaches people
at their most vulnerable and deposits generous portions of knowledge,
compassion and authenticity.

Lakia “Kanei” Mitchell has only begun to scratch the surface of her creativity. She
continues to produce thoughtful, compelling, original works that have caught the
attention of major industry insiders. What fuels this never ending drive and
passion:  She views her artistic expression as a calling that formed deep in the
recesses of her pain and her pleasure, an extension of the woman she has learned
to love, imperfections and all. Lessons learned, to the benefit of all who have had
the pleasure of experiencing, Kanei.

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