Jennifer Jermany

    Comedian Jennifer Jermany believe
    rules were made to be Broken

    Not what you’d expect from one of
    Houston’s finest teachers, however
    Jermany knows valuable lessons can
    come from taking big chances. Her fiery,
    fearless perspective comes alive on
    stage and consumes every audience that
    sees this dynamic humorist at work.

    A sensational blend of street smarts and
    formal education, the Texas Southern
    University graduate expresses what
many comics avoid; observations that sharply echo what most people are
thinking but Jermany has the nerve to convey. And that she does; from the
moment she walks on to the stage you realize, nothing is off limits. Every
movement is precisely timed; every charged phrase is loaded with bone
crushing hilarity and truth as intense as the brilliant comic who is the source.
She taps a deep well of pain, loss, passion, and an uncontrollable urge to
entertain and bring laughter. Jermany considers herself a cross between Bill
Cosby and Richard Pryor with just the right amount of estrogen and
consciousness to create the well rounded, uninhibited material she is known

Jermany has captivated audiences at renowned comedy clubs, including the
world famous Improv. The bold and energetic member of the highly acclaimed
“Back Pew Comedy” Tour showcases her versatility as a disciplined comic
with mass appeal by skillfully tailoring her work to be family friendly without
stripping away her signature edge. The native Houstonian is also well known
as the creator and star of her own TV show “As for me and my House.”
Jermany is a staunch advocate for diversity in comedy, working to elevate the
role and material of women in a male dominated industry. She’s a student of
the art of comedy and of all the kids she loves to teach. As far as she is
concerned, comedy and life are not mutually exclusive. She’s learned from
both, practices both, and embodies both with each show.  

Jennifer Jermany, a woman without limits, a comic without apologies.
Welcome to her world.
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