Deric Evans

    Deric Evans is a real as comedy gets.......

    Or as he puts it: you can “fake it” to the
    top but you will not stay there.

    The Memphis, Tennessee native
    unwittingly courted comedy nearly a
    decade ago at the urging of family and
    friends who knew his prolific talent
    should not be contained. This
    unexpected dalliance with stand-up
    stirred such a passion for eliciting
    laughter that an unrepentant Evans was
    permanently addicted to Comedy.

Driven by resolute confidence and a ravenous appetite for excellence, he
earned a Bachelors degree in Human Performance Sports Science from
Tennessee State, and secured a coveted membership in the world famous
Aristocrat of Bands. A sound, sophisticated education and an acute
understanding of everyday people underscores his ingenious brand of
engaging side-splitting humor.

An affable free-spirit and proven entertainer, Deric immediately mastered the
art of observational comedy laced with piercing intelligence. His youthful,
good natured charm compliments his expert delivery of sizzling one-liners
that hit their mark with hysterical precision. Watching him perform gives you a
personal look at a man whose love of life and commitment to hard work
accentuates every carefully crafted performance. Each show is his greatest
effort and every awestruck audience his humbling inspiration.

Deric is the newest member of the explosive comedy team, the "5 Degrees of
Comedy", a quintet which represents a perfect blend of Southern charm,
rapier intellect, and a groundswell of comic genius. The clever prankster with
a penchant for boyish mischief is also co-creator of the popular “Man Code”
series, a YouTube© phenomenon. Even with wildly successful shows at
Houston Improv, the Stardome, Nashville's Jazz and Jokes and other
nationally renowned comedy venues to his credit, his ultimate ambition is
simple and earnest; to remind us it’s always ok to recapture the soulful and
warm spirit of a child's laughter.
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