Cocoa Brown
    When actress and comedian Cocoa
    Brown takes the stage, the world stands

    Brown is undeniably one of the most
    talented comics and performers of this
    generation. The Newport News, Virginia
    native, born Farah Brown, assails her
    craft with such passion and soul-
    searching veracity, when she claims a
    stage the ensuing act is nothing short of a
    force of a nature. Cocoa Brown
    audaciously draws from painful
    reminiscences and hard-knocked
    lessons, bravely weaving humorous tales
    that uplift, upend, and upgrade
everything you thought you knew about comedy. What drives the comic who
female fans nationwide have nicknamed the “The Truth”? The sheer will of a
woman who survived the worst life had to offer and is still standing.

The fiery performer, whose credits include Tyler Perry™ critically acclaimed
comedy series “For Better or Worse” on Oprah Winfrey™ OWN network and a
national commercial spot for Progressive Insurance Company,  has
assembled an extensive body of work. A career that began as an advertising
associate for Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus and a writer for
various sketch comedy shows proved confining for the dynamic performer.
She honed her writing and creativity to pursue her dream of being a stand-up
comic. A decade later Brown had nearly mastered the art of comedy. She
harnessed its essence and purpose, performing on top rated comedy shows
BET™ Comic View and One Mic Stand, and Showtime at the Apollo.

Today, she exemplifies mind-blowing humor, daring drama and contemporary
reality wrapped in a boundlessly energetic package. Whether she is
performing in honor of the incomparable Richard Pryor or acting in films such
as “Lakeview Terrace” with Samuel L. Jackson, Brown exudes skill and
discipline. Those characteristics, along with her chilling story of struggle and
redemption, inspired Tyler Perry to create “
Single Moms Club", a feature film
that casts the accomplished actress in the leading role. The movie is
scheduled to hit theaters in 2014. The comedy veteran and rising star, fueled
by Perry™ powerful vote of confidence, is ramping up her ambitions in a
relentless mission to become the performer many people doubted but even
more admire. With a nomination for a Screen Actors Guild award under her
belt, Brown has her sights set on an Oscar, an Emmy and a Pulitzer Prize. She
is writing a revealing autobiography and producing her highly anticipated one-
woman show, “
Confessions of a Suicidal Diva”.

The lovable, down-to-earth celebrity and proud new mom keeps t-v audiences
tuning in every week for an intoxicating dose of Cocoa infused humor. She
also captivates audiences worldwide at renowned comedy venues. Her
creative writing and meticulously produced sets coupled with the ever-
changing hairstyles and gutsy sense of fashion ignites rousing, protracted
standing ovations. Yet, amid such explosive success, Brown admits she
desires very little. “I want audiences to connect with my story and in the
course of that journey find their own. That is my inspiration, my peace. I am in
a good place now. I am finally learning how to love myself and I am
comfortable in my own skin. Most importantly, I am not afraid to use my

That is certainly a good thing. That beautiful, husky, unapologetic and very
funny voice will no doubt, change the world.
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