Billy Sorrells

    Comedy has a new leading man!

    Billy Sorrels is not shy about admitting he’
    s bringing
    sexy to stand-up.

    The Chattanooga, TN native believes in
    making the most of what God has given
    him in abundance. Armed with good
    looks, paralyzing charm and comic
    genius, he is definitely the triple threat
    the comedy industry has been begging

Sorrell’s journey through the stand-up scene hasn’t been easy. His Texas
Southern University education is matched only by challenging life lessons and
his insatiable passion for comedy. Using the wisdom of his grandfather as a
guide, HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam” as a blueprint and his membership in the
elite Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity as a foundation of pride and distinction, Billy
followed the path of most true artists; he channeled his experience, pain and
wild personality into his unique style of comedy. On stage his stand-up is
layered with clever humor, real talk, and sexy flavor. This complex trifecta
makes him a favorite with the ladies, and earns him the respect of his male
audience; they can’t get enough of the charismatic performer.

Comedy’s Casanova is creating quite a stir in the industry. He’s a member of
the groundbreaking group everyone’s been talking about, the “5 Degrees of
Comedy”. As he prepares for their multi-city tour, he’s blazing a trail of loyal
followers at colleges and comedy clubs across the nation, including the famed
LA Laff Factory and Houston’s Improv. Don’t look for this talented comic to
take a break anytime soon; Billy’s vowed to make the world his personal
stage, and won’t stop until he becomes a household name.

Billy Sorrells will make you fall in love, with comedy.
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